"Tony was a brilliant help for leaving certificate higher level maths and helped me to achieve a H2. He was extremely patient so I felt very comfortable asking him any question that I had, and I had plenty! We covered the leaving cert curriculum at a pace that suited me and my abilities. His teaching style was excellent and the one-on-one sessions really complimented what I was learning in school."  

By Sarah Larney, LC student 2017/18

Tony is a wonderful and very dedicated tutor. He was a great help for my son's preparation for his LC exam. His classes are never rushed, he is extremely organised. 

From a parent perspective- I could not ask for a better tutor for my son. 


By Renata Malone, Parent. Leaving Cert 2022

My son, who is in 5th year, was really struggling with higher level Maths until he started grinds with Tony eight months ago. He is an absolute godsend! He teaches each topic thoroughly and simplifies complex concepts and ideas making it more accessible to the student. He also takes the time to go through exam questions and my son's problem-solving skills and confidence has grown with each lesson. I would highly recommend him as a maths tutor.

By Liz O' Reilly, Parent Leaving Cert 2022/3

Tony has tutored my son in Higher Level leaving Cert Maths. Over 18 months my son has grown in confidence, improved his grades and learnt how to effectively structure his approach and revision. Tony knows the LC course in depth and ensured all of it was covered, however he was always willing to focus on areas that my son felt he needed more help with. Additionally, Tony was always accommodating on the occasions when a tutoring session had to be rescheduled. He was quick to adopt to meet the most effective style of learning for my son and work with him to ensure he understood the topic and worked with real examples and questions to test this. A fantastic tutor who has made a real positive difference


By Teresa Downey, Parent Leaving Cert 2022

 " We found Tony to be a great listener and he clearly shows excellent knowledge of the subject and demonstrates ability to adapt to the students needs by providing excellent guidance on any part of the Leaving Cert Maths Cycle with ease. He offers insightful tips, solutions and answers and makes you want to learn more! He is respectful of the students time and school obligations and tries to work with what suits the student. Always on time and well organised, it is a pleasure working with him." Lara Schmit- 2022

By Lara Schmit parent , Leaving Cert 2022

Tony tutored my son for higher level LC maths.  He is a well organised and pleasant teacher. He has well structured classes and simplifies the content making learning easy and effective.  He remains in contact with the parent throughout providing reminders and offering further tuition which was really helpful.  I would highly recommend Tony to any student who wishes to improve their understanding of a very difficult subject.  

By John O'Flaherty parent of , Leaving Cert student 2022

“Tony is an amazing teacher who helped me achieve my maths goals in the leaving cert. Tony helped me to understand the questions and how to solve them which was a great benefit to me in the leaving cert and now in university where I study science. If it weren't for Tony I don't think I would've been able to do a STEM course. Would highly recommend anyone who struggles with maths to get grinds from Tony”. 

By Jack Renaghan , LC student 2018/19

Tony is amazing at what he does !! My son spent 14 months at grinds for HL leaving cert maths. His grade improved from a H4 to obtaining 88% in his leaving cert exam. I would highly recommend Tony. Thank you once again Tony, Sinead and Iarlaith Carroll

By Sinead Carroll, Parent. Leaving Cert 2021

Tony has been a great tutor to both my son and daughter. He has been an excellent tutor. I have no hesitation recommending him. Eamonn Quinn

By Eamonn Quinn, Parent Leaving Cert 2021 and 2023

Tony is a brilliant maths teacher who is incredible with his students. The results I have achieved with him are phenomenal and his patience is commendable. He also uses several different methods to answer questions instead of forcing you to learn one method. I would highly recommend him for maths grinds.

By Emma McEnneaney, Student Leaving Cert 2021

I would highly recommend Tony for Maths grinds. My son who was in 6th year and struggling with higher level maths attended Tony for one to one grinds. He was extremely happy with Tony and said he simplified everything to make it much easier to understand. My son got H2 in his leaving cert maths thanks to Tony’s help.

By Jacqui O'Connor parent, Leaving Cert 2020

Tony is a fantastic maths teacher.  He is pleasant, and provides a relaxed, approachable one to one, personable contact with my son in each session.

In this age of remote impersonalised zoom and video conferencing, the one to one provided was precisely what my son required, where his questions were answered in an affable environment as if both were sitting together as friends.

By Hugh Reilly parent, Leaving Cert 2022

Tony is absolutely fanastic, he has good teaching skills and a good teaching style.  My son enjoys his classes with Tony and understands all he has been taught so far.  I would recommend Tony 100% for any other students out there who are struggling with maths. Tony is the right choice and the best.

By Melia, Parent of 1st yr student 2022

“From a parents perspective, Tony is very friendly and courteous. All three of my children have attended him for grinds over the last 5 years, and he has greatly increased their confidence and ability in maths. For students of all abilities, I would highly recommend him to anyone for maths grinds” 

By Bernie Garland , Parent Leaving Cert 2021, 2019 and 2018

Your way off explaining and simplifying difficult questions really helped the two boys achieve there goals in leaving cert maths,thank you for all your help.


By Padraig Donnelly, Parent Leaving Cert 2016 and 2021

Tony's way of teaching has not only resulted in better exam results for both my teenage children, but also more of a keenness for a subject that was once a thorn in their side so to speak . His approach has enhanced their confidence when it comes to mathematics and they have enjoyed his lessons, and he has great patience . I would highly recommend Tony for any parent who has to find extra help for their children in a welcoming environment on a one to one.

By Siobhan Taylor, Parent Junior Cert 2020 and 2023

My son is currently a LC student, and has had grinds from Tony over the past 6 months. He has found them extremely useful, Tony explains everything in a simple, easy to understand manner. He clarifies topics by introducing day-to-day examples that are easier to comprehend. We highly recommend Tony's maths grinds. Geraldine Duffner and Ciaran Duffner

By Geraldine Duffner parent, Ciaran Leaving Cert 2022

Tony provided maths grinds for both my sons, one during his leaving certificate and the other for primary school. Tony's method of teaching made maths very easily understood for both boys and I would highly recommend him.

By Theresa Clarke, Leaving Cert 2018 and primary school

I am studying honours LC maths. Tony is very clear in his explanations which has really helped me improve.

The one-to-one grinds have made the difference for me versus previous group classes. Thanks Tony! 

By Harry Graham, Student Leaving Cert 2022

Tony is a patient and kind maths teacher. His easy to follow explanation of algebra helped my daughter understand the topic for her junior cert maths exams. I highly recommend Tony.

By Jane Smyth parent, Junior Cert 2022

“From doing grinds with Tony, I feel like my maths ability has improved greatly. He opened up a new perspective on maths and taught me different ways to approach exam questions, all the while helping me to gain confidence in my answers. Extremely helpful and friendly, would highly recommend Tony to everyone!” 

By Aoife Gartland , JC student 2017/18 and LC student 2019/20

Although we don't currently have a regular time slot with Tony, he fits my Leaving and Junior Cert sons in as often as he can. They keep a note of areas they need some help on and he provides the extra back up they need, giving them that extra bit of confidence with any areas they are not quite sure of." 



By Catherine Tooher parent, Leaving Cert 2022 and Junior Cert 2022

My son attended maths grinds with Tony all through lockdown and this helped him immensely to keep up with maths while schools were closed. I can recommend Tony for all levels of maths grinds. He is very efficient and patient. 

Ciara clarke 

Parent of junior cert student

By Ciara Clarke parent, Junior Cert 2021

“I went to grinds with Tony for leaving cert maths and I have to say he was an amazing help. My grades immediately went up and Tony was there for any questions I had about the exams, my homework or my independent study. I would highly recommend the brilliant resource Tony provides for anybody struggling with leaving and junior cert maths.” 

By Maria Smith , LC student 2018/19

“My daughter attended grinds with Tony for a year for her leaving cert. Tony was a brilliant help and my daughter enjoyed his classes and found them extremely helpful” 

By Angela Smith , Parent

Tony was brilliant when teaching me for both Junior Cert and Leaving Cert. He helped me understand the maths I was doing far better and he really boosted my confidence for the exams.

By Alex McGorrian, JC 2018 and Leaving Cert 2021

I had Tony as my maths grinds teacher for both JC and LC and I could not have done it without him!  I always struggled with maths until I found Tony.  He is excellent at explaining the curriculum in a less complicated way than in the normal classroom.  He was patient and took things at a pace that suited me. We covered the curriculum and had revision lessons, leaving me very prepared for the exams which went excellent.  An extremely patient and helpful man!

By Arlen Donnelly, Student JC 2018 and Leaving Cert 2021

“I highly recommend Tony for maths grinds as he makes it easier to comprehend all aspects of maths especially Geometry and gives students confidence going into exams. He is excellent at giving tuition on a one to one basis for a very reasonable fee.” 

By Louise Hoey, Parent

Tony is a friendly individual who provided an excellent service to my daughter studying Higher Level Leaving Cert maths! She found

his delivery of the different topics on the curriculum clear and his explanations resulted in greater understanding of said topics. 

By Lorna Halligan, Parent Leaving Cert 2022 and JC 2019

   " After working hard and never seeing results with maths, I came to Tony for help. What was most helpful about these grinds was that the chapters were always taken at pace that accommodated what I was struggling with, making sure I fully understood the topic and could apply the method to any variation of the question, giving me more confidence when I went into the exam and making my results improve by three grades. "           

By Dearbhla McCourt , LC student Sep 2017 to June 2019

"Tony helped me massively through both Junior and Leaving cert higher level maths. He makes things a lot less complicated than they seem when taught in a classroom full of students. The boost in confidence he gave me was vital in helping me achieve a good grade. To anyone who needs that extra push in maths I couldn’t recommend Tony enough! "

By Oisin Arthurs , JC 2016 and LC 2019

"Tony has been a great help to our family for many years, from Junior Cert to graduate level. He's very professional and reliable, as well as flexible insofar as his busy schedule allows. Highly recommended. "       

By Melanie Campbell , Parent/Former Student

"Many thanks for all your hard work. Both Rachel and Josh passed their leaving cert. They are now in college because of your BRILLANT teaching skills. Even after the leaving cert you helped out during the college years. Thanks a million.  "

By Catherine Mangan , Parent

“Tony is really thorough and patient and explains maths in a way that you understand it” 

By Sarah , Past Pupil

“Tony is a really brilliant support for students at every level.  I believe he has increased the knowledge and confidence in my children and I would highly recommend him to anyone who wanted to give their child support in maths”. 

By Karen, Parent

I failed Higher level maths in my Leaving Cert and I was unsure about repeating Higher Level maths again so I went to Tony for maths grinds.  With Tony's help I was able to get a higher level C1 (equivalent to H4).  He was very helpful and did'nt waste time.  He focused on the areas that I was finding difficult, we also went through exam papers together.  He made complex equations seem simple by breaking them down.  

By Rachel Mangan, Leaving Cert Student 2016