"Tony was a brilliant help for leaving certificate higher level maths and helped me to achieve a H2. He was extremely patient so I felt very comfortable asking him any question that I had, and I had plenty! We covered the leaving cert curriculum at a pace that suited me and my abilities. His teaching style was excellent and the one-on-one sessions really complimented what I was learning in school."  

By Sarah Larney, LC student 2017/18

“Tony is an amazing teacher who helped me achieve my maths goals in the leaving cert. Tony helped me to understand the questions and how to solve them which was a great benefit to me in the leaving cert and now in university where I study science. If it weren't for Tony I don't think I would've been able to do a STEM course. Would highly recommend anyone who struggles with maths to get grinds from Tony”. 

By Jack Renaghan , LC student 2018/19

“From a parents perspective, Tony is very friendly and courteous. All three of my children have attended him for grinds over the last 5 years, and he has greatly increased their confidence and ability in maths. For students of all abilities, I would highly recommend him to anyone for maths grinds” 

By Bernie Garland , Parent

“From doing grinds with Tony, I feel like my maths ability has improved greatly. He opened up a new perspective on maths and taught me different ways to approach exam questions, all the while helping me to gain confidence in my answers. Extremely helpful and friendly, would highly recommend Tony to everyone!” 

By Aoife Gartland , JC student 2017/18 and LC student 2019/20

“I went to grinds with Tony for leaving cert maths and I have to say he was an amazing help. My grades immediately went up and Tony was there for any questions I had about the exams, my homework or my independent study. I would highly recommend the brilliant resource Tony provides for anybody struggling with leaving and junior cert maths.” 

By Maria Smith , LC student 2018/19

“My daughter attended grinds with Tony for a year for her leaving cert. Tony was a brilliant help and my daughter enjoyed his classes and found them extremely helpful” 

By Angela Smith , Parent

“I highly recommend Tony for maths grinds as he makes it easier to comprehend all aspects of maths especially Geometry and gives students confidence going into exams. He is excellent at giving tuition on a one to one basis for a very reasonable fee.” 

By Louise Hoey, Parent

   " After working hard and never seeing results with maths, I came to Tony for help. What was most helpful about these grinds was that the chapters were always taken at pace that accommodated what I was struggling with, making sure I fully understood the topic and could apply the method to any variation of the question, giving me more confidence when I went into the exam and making my results improve by three grades. "           

By Dearbhla McCourt , LC student Sep 2017 to June 2019

"Tony helped me massively through both Junior and Leaving cert higher level maths. He makes things a lot less complicated than they seem when taught in a classroom full of students. The boost in confidence he gave me was vital in helping me achieve a good grade. To anyone who needs that extra push in maths I couldn’t recommend Tony enough! "

By Oisin Arthurs , JC 2016 and LC 2019

"Tony has been a great help to our family for many years, from Junior Cert to graduate level. He's very professional and reliable, as well as flexible insofar as his busy schedule allows. Highly recommended. "       

By Melanie Campbell , Parent/Former Student

"Many thanks for all your hard work. Both Rachel and Josh passed their leaving cert. They are now in college because of your BRILLANT teaching skills. Even after the leaving cert you helped out during the college years. Thanks a million.  "

By Catherine Mangan , Parent

“Tony is really thorough and patient and explains maths in a way that you understand it” 

By Sarah , Past Pupil

“Tony is a really brilliant support for students at every level.  I believe he has increased the knowledge and confidence in my children and I would highly recommend him to anyone who wanted to give their child support in maths”. 

By Karen, Parent

I failed Higher level maths in my Leaving Cert and I was unsure about repeating Higher Level maths again so I went to Tony for maths grinds.  With Tony's help I was able to get a higher level C1 (equivalent to H4).  He was very helpful and did'nt waste time.  He focused on the areas that I was finding difficult, we also went through exam papers together.  He made complex equations seem simple by breaking them down.  

By Rachel Mangan, Leaving Cert Student 2016