My Method

Initially I will build a rapport with and gauge the academic level of each student and adapt my teaching methods to suit their ability and personality. My main aim is to instill confidence and encourage regular practice. If possible I try to instill a belief that maths is fun.

My grinds will usually focus on a student’s weaker topics early in the year with an increased emphasis on exam questions as we get closer to exam time.  I will advise students on good study habits, I will emphasis the importance of planning and I will share study tips that I have found helpful in achieving my own exam success.

For younger students I will gradually introduce the idea of independent learning. For the more mature students I will encourage a higher degree of independent learning which they will need in adult life and at third level and I will encourage them to use grinds as a resource to cover areas of difficulty.  I will always do my best to work with each student to maximize their potential and to achieve the best results possible.   


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